The Smartest Notification Device For the Deaf


Awesome features

Here are some amazing features that make Knoctify so unique. We worked hard to make a product like no other you have seen before.

  • Knock Detection

    Never miss a visitor at the door. Knoctify sensor detect when someone knocks on the door.

  • Lighting Hub to Visually Grab Your Attention

    Pair multiple lights to your sensor. Deploy them everywhere in the house so that you can be notified where ever you are.

  • Be alerted even when you are asleep

    Connect a vibrating motor to the lighting hub. Place it under your pillow or behind a cushion.

  • Customization Using a Mobile App

    Change the brightness, color and blinking pattern of the lighting hub using your smartphone. Choose different colors for different types of notifications.

Amazing design

Knoctify is the first ever smart notification device for the deaf. It has gone through several design iterations, with improvements and added features each time through active feedback from the deaf community. We are ready to make this product available to you.

Mobile App

With the accompanying mobile app, we bring you extended capabilities and features so that Knotify can do much more for you!

  • Pair multiple sensors and lighting hubs together in any configuration you like
  • Turn Knoctify into a Vibration Alarm Clock by setting the alarm on the App
  • Be alerted by Knoctify when you receive incoming messages on your phone

Contact Us

We love to hear your feedback and suggestions. Please leave us a message so that you will be one of the first to hear from us when we launch the product!